generic programmable event sequencer for pure-data/max


What is mxdublin?

mxdublin is a generic programmable event sequencer written for pure-data or Max/MSP. The generic term is used since it is can sequence both: atoms or midi data via atoms.

The goal of mxdublin is to provide a programmable interface for sequencing abstract events. The basic mxdublin package is focused on providing a sequencing framework; not a 'generative music' framework. It can be used to help reduce redundant and repetitive tasks that must be done in a standard sequencer. No programming is requierd to use this software; you can sequence events using a tracker like interface.

Runs on pure-data/max

This software runs under pure-data and max using the java external interface. The sequencing is done in java but it can trigger events in pure-data/max using receivers.

Work in progress

This is a work in progress; I don't think I'll come up with a perfect object oriented programmable sequencer, but I would happy to see how this tool can be useful in real life. Unlike other programmable sequencers, you don't have to program to use mxdublin, you can edit events using a tracker-like interface.

What is new?

Release 0.6.2

  • Add mxdublin 'process' context to modify a list of events
  • New object: EvProg, event based on chord progression

Release 0.6.1

  • Now comes with a column property editor for the tracker
  • Complete patch that uses the lldbln object (both in max and pure-data)

Release 0.6.0 comes with a major sequencer refactoring.

  • The sequencer can now be sync with another time source
  • The event order is now controlled in a single queue
  • Internal time representation is now in 480 PPQ
  • Multiple instance of mxdublin can now be loaded
  • New object: lldbln: quicky object for mxdublin projects